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If you say yes to your past, then you can say no to everything that you are not any more, you can arrive into that reality that you already are, so that you can say yes with all your heart to the person you will become in the future.


Family constellation is a phenomenological, spiritual and self knowledge helping therapy method that works with the family system, with individual and familial soul movement, fate replying or fate copying. Its founding father is Bert Hellinger, a German therapist. This method is continually developing, evolving, its developers are Bert Hellinger himself, his coworkers, his disciples.

Hellinger introduced the term Soul movement, this way family constellation is moved from familial plan to spiritual evolution.

If you are interested in group work, where I use family constellation or LIP constellation, depending on the given situation, you can follow the events under Events button or at Casa EDO on Facebook.

For individual sessions you can ask for an offline or online appointment at: | 0040 751450416.

The price for a counseling session in English for people living in Romania or Hungary is:

1 hour (60 min) 500 RON.

1 1/2 hours (90 min) 750 RON.

For clients from other countries I apply an avarage price of constellation work and coaching of the country they live in.

Below a little journey of mine on the path of the family constellation:


Once a friend of mine spoke about family constellation. I thought that it is like theatre or cinema, where I can go as a spectator, I can witness some interesting things, and I can have fun. But when I went to a family constellation, I barely could process what just happened. It was a completely different world compared to my expectations. I saw relations that I previously could not. 


Representing other people I felt emotions that put me through my own barriers. Often they chose me to represent persons who had similar problems like me, so I felt directly touched. I had a backpain I carried a long time with me. I discovered there, that I do not have it because of the weighths I carry with me, but because I cannot bow down towards my ancestors, towards the flow of life.  I thought that my parents are an all you can eat restaurant where I can choose what I like, and I can refuse what I dislike. I understood that accepting life begins with accepting the parents. This, of course, does not mean that I put my parents on a piedestal, that I veneer them. It means that you notice and accept that life arrives to you through endless distance, coming from you great-great parents and ancestors, that you are part of this flow, of this lineage.


Life finds its own way no matter what you think, or how you feel about your ancestors.  If you judge your ancestors, it means that you exclude, you shut out them, but this has a consequence: you children will pay the price for it. Sometimes we judge because we unknowingly take side with a family member who was excluded. But there is a basic right: every member has the right to belong to the family, and no human moral, no judgmental mentality can superscript this. If we exclude someone, if we do not talk about him or her, because he or she is an alcoholic, or died prematurely, or killed himself, or died in an accident, or because of his or her sexuality, or is a gambler, so if we exclude a member for any reason, an other member who is younger will represent the excluded member. This younger member of the family will have the sensation that he or she does not live his or her own life.

After the first constellation I knew I want to learn this method, but the facilitator discouraged me. Years went by, I participated on many family constellation, and I started to use this method, along with yoga psychotherapy, life coaching, individual constellation, on womanhood workshops and yoga retreats. When I met Miklós Szalachy I knew I want to learn from him. He once said to an other student of him who said he hopes that he will use this method after finishing the course, that practicing does not depend on the diploma rather than on the courage and knowledge and the willingness to go deeper and deeper with the client (even if the things uncovered will be terrifying). Of course, you can become a shallow facilitator who creates a happy end to the end of the constellation.

Szalachy Miklós was a pupil of Wilfried Nelles, who is a facilitator for two decades, and has written a lot of books about systemic family constellation.

In his book entitled There is no turning back in life meant a lot to me: I found the missing tile between yoga philosphy and family constellation. Nelles studies the role of therapy and family constellation in the development of the conscience. He studies stages of conscience development (both individual and collective) in the chakra system.

I am a pupil of Nelles, you can find information about LIP too on my page.

Family constellation is not (or is more than) a method: if we apply a method basically we walk on a common path. I define family constellation as an active meditative state which is open, deep. The facilitator dwells in the empty middleness, and moves only when and if an impulse comes from this empty middleness. This way one can avoid the trap of using the same template in every single case, and one can avoid prefabricated, ready-to-use answers and type-casting. This way everybody and every case can appear in its personal, misterious reality. How do we end up with a solution?Is there any guarantee that there will be found any? There is none. There are many roads, many ways, at least as many as people. Family constellation does not work for everyone.

Those who find this method working, after a time they realize that a constellation usually is about accepting, undertaking fate: individual and familial. If you say yes to your past, you can say no to what you are not any more, you can arrive into what is your reality, so you can say yes to what you will become one day. A journey from impatience to peace, from judging to wit, from pride to serenity, from pustiety of lovelessness to love, from exclusion to inclusion. I welcome you warmly, let us have a journey!

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