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fenomenologycal psychology and integrative constellation

LIP - Life Integration Process is a fenomenologycal psychology and integrative constellation work that grew out from family constellation and has been developed by Wilfried Nelles ( It is based on a model of the evolution of consciousness. The model contains seven numbers that stand for the different stages through which the individual (and collective) evolution unfolds. The seven levels in which the reality unfolds into our awareness, represents also the seven chakras.

During the LIP constellation, the client is placed in the position of the adult consciousness, represented by number four (or depending of the age, the client could move to the fifth or sixth numbers, to the early old, or old stages), where he or she looks at his or her life up to now, from a distance.

Unlike the classical family constellations, the representatives in LIP do not move within the constellation field but remain in their original positions. In this way it becomes possible to acknowledge the past as it was, to accept it, and to let it becoming past. We allow ourselves to see how all the dramas, the suffering, the traumas, but also the gifts of life, the happy moments have contributed to who we are now and have had a role, and a deep sens, in the forming process of our unique, individual life.

The decision of running a LIP or a family constellation process is made during the initial interview of the session.

We can work with LIP both individually and in grup constellation seminars. For grup constellation follow the Nelles Institut Transylvania

For individual sessions you can ask for an offline or online appointment at: | 0040 751450416.

The price for a counseling session in English for people living in Romania or Hungary is:

1 hour (60 min) 600 RON.

1 1/2 hours (90 min) 850 RON.

For clients from other countries I apply an avarage price of constellation work and coaching of the country they live in.


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