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Weekend for beginers

Why should I do yoga? – you can ask yourself. Yoga does not requier flexibility, nor previous qualification, I can recommend to all those who want to achieve inner harmony through maintaining phisical and psychical health. With time yoga poses, asanas help relieving neck, shoulder and back pains and aches, even body weight can be controlled, the body becomes more chiseled, wrinkles get smoothed.  Relaxation improves sleep, you get up fresher, your vitality and concentration gets a real boost.

If you have a severe spine condition, I recommend a consultation with your health care provider, but there are a lot of stress relieving asanas that can be practiced by everybody being able to stand on its feet or capable of sitting a couple of minutes without help.

Practicing yoga helps getting to know your own body, helps you discovering your own personal healing power. Asanas bring you into a continuous conscientious condition, prepares your mind and soul for meditation, praying, mindfulness, so gates toward self knowledge open almost unnoticed.


BODY – Staying on border


I use to say if it does not hurt yet, it is not good yet, if it does not hurt any more, it is not good already. If it does not hurt yet, you are in your comfort zone, in place that you are familiar with. If it already hurts, your ego took over, the ego wants to accomplish. The goal is to remain into a blissful uncomfortableness. You may want to find equilibrum here, you can start from here, you can return here in order to dwell in your body, the home of your soul. You can create an influence with the outside on the inside, so that reciprocity and flow fills in with harmony your whole being.


SOUL – Four rhythm of breathing


A lot of people think breathing consists of two steps, inhalation and exhalation. Often they do not even wait till they exhale completely, they already are rushing into taking the next breath. The correct rhythm of breathing: inhalation, keeping the air in, only for a short amount of time, then exhalation, a little bit for a longer time than inhalation, then keeping this airless state again for a couple of seconds. With exhalation anger, anxiety, stress, pain dissolves. Who does not have problem with letting go? With inhalation healing air can be led where cramps, stress dwells, that place can be filled, and with exhalation everything can be released, let gone that does not belong any more to the person, that is dead, past, is sickening.


SPIRIT – without competing


I do not compete with myself, nor with my previous self who might have been an acrobat, nor with my furute self, who who knows where and how will be, but I also do not compete with hatha yoga book illustrations. I am who I am in this very moment, and I am good the way I am right now, and so do you. You are who you are in the eternal moment, you are good the way you are. Do not compete, instead we should enjoy each others company in the present.

Aroud my thirties I realised the all my suffering had their origins in me. I started to observe my own mind, source of my fears and mental cramps. I took a road where there is no turning back:  the moment you stop accusing others, the world, the inner cleaning begins, that might last a whole life.

Yoga Psycotherapy
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